Squarespace vs Wordpress - Key Differences

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I first started playing around with web design about 3 years ago when I started my blog The 20 Minute Kitchen on Wordpress. I had read extensively about creating a blog and which platform to host it on. Almost every food blogger recommended it, so I started building my site there. I remember having to implement so many plugins just so that the blog could function as it should, and I thought shouldn’t that already be a no brainer? Shouldn’t Wordpress already have the functionality and foundation so that every site built on it is secure and user-friendly?

To be honest it took me a while to get the hang of it. Eventually I did. I enjoyed playing around with my site, tweaking it, learning new functions. I’ve always been a bit of a tech nerd and loved fidgeting with technology, finding problems just to test for solutions. I realized that having to work my way around Wordpress helped me understand web design a lot better. Because of the experience I made with Wordpress I was able to look at problems differently and come up with solutions I hadn’t thought about before.

About 2 years later I started reading about Squarespace, another CMS system which apparently was Wordpress’ competition. At first I thought oh this will blow over, the new hype won’t last that long. I was so curious that I decided to build a site on Squarespace’s test version. I remember feeling ecstatic. It was user-friendly, intuitive, and had beautiful user interface. Fast forward a year later and I absolutely love building websites on Squarespace. I am really big on UX and UI and if a product doesn’t feel pleasing, I will have a hard time using it. Whether that be a project management tool or a bag of a pasta, the experience needs to be enjoyable and physically appealing. Squarespace felt aesthetically pleasing and it had amazing functionality. So I moved my Digital Alpha business site over to Squarespace and I’ve been building websites on it since.

Below are some key differences and why I think Squarespace is a great system:

  1. User-friendliness

    This is a big one for me. I am a big proponent of simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Squarespace is very intuitive without compromising on functionality. Since it is self-hosted you never have to worry about the back-end. Wordpress on the other hand has an endless assortment of plugins which need to be manually implemented and updated since it is not self-hosted like Squarespace. You also need to manually backup your website every so often. Squarespace does this for you automatically.

  2. Design

    Although you have a vast amount of free and paid templates to consider in Wordpress, implementing them can be very time consuming. It’s also very robust and can seem very overwhelming at times. Squarespace on the other hand has built in templates which you can endlessly customize to your needs. Plus Squarespace has the most beautiful templates ever. Everything feels more native in Squarespace as opposed to Wordpress.

  3. Flexibility

    Wordpress is extremely flexible, especially with the vast number of plugins you install. Unfortunately with this flexibility also comes a certain level of complexity. On the other hand Squarespace is more flexible than what people give it credit for. You have many options for customization and can also get into developer mode if you wish.

  4. Support

    Since Wordpress is so popular you can find forums online everywhere to help you with your needs. Squarespace has some forums too but they also have customer support available 24/7. I’ve contacted customer support quite often and they’ve always responded quickly and efficiently. I never feel like I hit a dead end in Squarespace because I can always contact their customer support.

  5. Security

    Every Squarespace site has an automatic an SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificate. You can be sure that your content is secure.

Personally I love Squarespace and use it as my platform to build websites. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a beautiful and secure website with rich functionality.

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